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You Have A Computer & An Internet Connection …What Else Do You Need ???

There are many tools that people will tell you are absolutely necessary for you to succeed as you’re building your business online. While obviously you’ll need a computer and an internet connection… I would argue that the most important thing is whether you have the proper…   Mental tools! Here’s what I mean. Imagine you’ve bought this brilliant, top notch course from a recognized expert on how to leverage an online platform for profit – let’s say, Amazon, or Instagram, or whatnot.  The particulars don’t matter all […]

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Don’t Get Stuck… Move On

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You’ve probably already discovered that getting stuck on something is a part of this business. Sort of comes with the territory.    Sometimes, it’s procrastination. (Hey, you’re not alone – some surveys suggest that 85%-95% of people have problems associated with procrastination. So let go of the guilt!)   Sometimes, it’s not knowing what to do, or whether you’re going to be able to accomplish it – meaning, you don’t feel like you have the necessary skill.    And sometimes, it’s just the lack of motivation. I […]

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Creating A Podcast


There’s literally no limit to what you can do with your podcast. Podcasts are as individual and unique as the people who create them. And as you work on your craft, strengthen your voice and build confidence, your podcasts will begin to attract a larger audience. To begin, ask yourself some basic questions about your overall goals and what your target audience will likely be most interested in. This will become part of your podcast’s overall theme. Here are some common reasons for creating a podcast: • […]

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Automated Marketing.

In order to have your business succeed in the current market, it’s imperative that you build and maintain a strong online presence. With customers demanding answers at all hours of the day, regardless of what they’re doing or where they are, you should consider using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.   A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI), interactive messaging system that engages with your customers on behalf of your company, all within Facebook’s popular messenger. And for the most part, no human is required. From learning the […]

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Freelance, Outsource

If you’ve never hired a freelancer before, you’re probably wondering how they’ll fit into your business, or how best to utilise the skills they bring to the table so you’re maximising their value.   That’s an important consideration, and it might not be so easy to figure out where to best fill the gaps of your business because you may not even recognise what those gaps are!   Okay, So Where Can You Use Freelancers?   Freelancers can be beneficial to almost any part of your business, […]

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Facebook Group

Facebook groups

  One of the easiest ways to boost engagement, build a following and become a thought leader or influencer in your market is by creating a Facebook group. Why? A Facebook group serves as a communication channel between you and an ever-growing community of potential customers and joint venture partners. With a Facebook group, you’re able to take advantage of the heavy traffic that Facebook provides, and you’ll be able to connect with your audience who finds you just by entering in keywords relating to your niche. […]

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