Choosing A Primary Traffic Source…

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If you are or considering running an on line business there will be a need to figure out which traffic source you want to focus on as your primary traffic source.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you have to ignore other avenues, just that you’re going to spend the majority of your traffic focusing on your primary source.

One reason for focusing on a single traffic source is so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

When you put a small amount of effort into a lot of sources, you won’t get much traffic from any of them. But when you focus most of your efforts on a single source, you have the potential to dramatically increase the traffic you receive from that source,

Some of the traffic sources you might consider include:
• Facebook
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• Snapchat
• YouTube

You should ideally focus your efforts on whichever traffic source is
currently sending you the most traffic. If you’re not already getting
much traffic, then it makes sense to research these different sources to
find out which one seems to have the highest density of your

If your market is people who like to cook, try Pinterest or YouTube. If
your audience is mostly young, fashion-forward women, Snapchat or
Instagram might be good choices. Facebook is a good all-around traffic
source with nearly every demographic represented. Do some research
and try to find out where your market tends to hang out, and focus on
the most likely choice.

You can always switch gears later, but try to commit to putting your
best effort into your first chosen source for at least a month, because it
can sometimes take a little while to get going.

Here’s another way to generate targeted traffic to your blog quickly
and easily:

Find Blogs & forums & comment

What you’re looking for are blogs that allow clickable signatures.
You’re not going to spam the blogs, but you are going to write
comments that provide value and are relevant to each post.

For example, if your blog is based around “Low Carb Recipes”, you
could visit the top 10 LCHF (low carb high fat) blogs, scan through
existing posts and leave comments on posts that have received a high level of engagement.

Your post could include additional information, resources or even links to a low carb recipe that you personally love!

Not only will this generate quick, highly-targeted traffic to your own
blog, but it will help you build relationships with other bloggers in your
niche while connecting with their target audience.
It also helps you keep a pulse on your market so you can easily come up
with new content ideas for your own blog.

It’s always a smart move to position yourself in the line of sight of
an authority niche blogger who identifies you as someone who provides
equally informative content

Here’s how to do it:

comments, recommend

useful & informative comments

Begin by uncovering the top 10-20 blogs in your niche market, scan the
comments, and make sure you’re allowed to leave clickable signatures
(if you see others doing it, it’s safe to assume you can too). Then, start

Just make sure that your comment provides value. Don’t spam blogs!

Answer the most commonly asked questions, and offer the most value
possible. Look for missing tips or resources in the scope of the blog
post. Then, add to the conversation with additional information that
will provide value and help the reader get more out of the content.

Tip: Try to post your comment as quickly as possible. The sooner your
comments appear under a blog post, the more exposure it’ll receive
since it’s not buried deep within other comments

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