You Have A Computer & An Internet Connection …What Else Do You Need ???

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There are many tools that people will tell you are absolutely necessary for you to succeed as you’re building your business online.

While obviously you’ll need a computer and an internet connection… I would argue that the most important thing is whether you have the proper…


Mental tools!

Here’s what I mean.

Imagine you’ve bought this brilliant, top notch course from a recognized expert on how to leverage an online platform for profit – let’s say, Amazon, or Instagram, or whatnot.  The particulars don’t matter all that much here. You’ve also bought super powerful software that does almost everything for you.

Yet, you can’t seem to be able to take consistent action.


Do you think you’ll get results? Not likely.

Finish The Course

On the other hand, imagine you don’t have two pennies to rub together, so you don’t invest in an expensive course (yet) and you don’t get the expensive software (once again, yet).

But you’re able to invest 2 hours of super focused work – and I do mean work, not study! – every single day, consistently. What you don’t know, you look up on YouTube and you keep on going.


Do you think results are just a matter of time? Absolutely!

Now if this sounds awesome and the way to go, let me tell you…


I’ve tricked you!


The very first mental tool you’ll need is a never-ending desire to improve and invest in your education.


There’s real danger if you don’t do that. For example, if you’re going somewhere and you’re off just one degree, after 100 yards you’ll be off by 5.2 feet. Not a big deal, right? Well, let’s say you’re in a rocket en route to the Moon. And you’re one degree off. You’ll miss it by 4,169 miles… which is about twice the diameter of the Moon.


So you need to combine both.


Invest in your education and take consistent action every day, and you’ll win.

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Invest In Yourself

Let’s talk about the next mental tool you’ll need, which is…


Being Able To Let Go (And Forgive Yourself For Not Being Perfect)


Somehow we’ve been programmed to believe we can do it all. Have a great career, build a side income (that will, of course, eventually surpass the income from your job), have the perfect body, a great family, a hobby we’re very good at… everything and then some.


Thing is… we can’t.


Not right away, at least.


If you spend all the time outside your job working on your side business, do you think you’ll have enough time to get good at your hobby? If you still insist on cramming your job, your side business, and your hobby in your day, do you think you’ll have the time to go to a gym or spend meaningful time with your family?


This will sound harsh… but you probably won’t have the time for that.


And most people are stressed out, guilty, and overwhelmed because they want to do everything at the same time. So they never get anywhere.


Instead, choose your battles.


For example, let’s agree that most of us probably need to work a job while building our side hustle or working on our dream. But wouldn’t you agree that World of Warcraft (or piano lessons, or golf, or whatnot) can wait for a couple of years once we get that side gig going? Of course it can!


Once you get good at letting go of the things that are not crucial right now, you’ll see your productivity soar.


The final mental tool I want to talk about is…


Get Lost In The Work You Do


Listen, we all have bills to pay – and perhaps it’s hard to get lost in your day-to-day stuff. For example, if you dream to be a musician, it might be hard for you to get lost in your work as a delivery driver, driving around making deliveries just to pay the bills.


The trick is to take the couple of hours you do have for the work you love and get lost for those couple of hours. Creating. Being yourself. Nobody to answer to, just pure immersion.


You’ll notice how pretty soon your dream will take up more and more of your life. You’ll start making money with it. And soon, you’ll be able to dedicate your entire life to doing what you love – be it music, or online business, or whatever rocks your boat.



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