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IM Business Tips

Automated Marketing.

In order to have your business succeed in the current market, it’s imperative that you build and maintain a […]

Freelance, Outsource


If you’ve never hired a freelancer before, you’re probably wondering how they’ll fit into your business, or how best […]

Selling Digital Products

Content That Converts.

  Writing content according to your niche will be important when you want to solve problems that your readers […]

IM Business Ideas

You Have A Computer & An Internet Connection …What Else Do You Need ???

There are many tools that people will tell you are absolutely necessary for you to succeed as you’re building your business online. While obviously you’ll need a computer and an internet connection… I would argue that the most important thing is whether you have the proper…   Mental tools! Here’s what I mean. Imagine you’ve bought this brilliant, top notch course from a recognized expert on how to leverage an online platform for profit – let’s say, Amazon, or Instagram, or whatnot.  The particulars don’t matter all […]

Starting a YouTube channel

Starting A YouTube Channel For Your Business.

Ready to take the plunge a start up a YouTube channel for your business? That’s a great idea ! It seems that something like 300 hours of video are uploaded to the YouTube platform every minute and so with that sort of exposure why wouldn’t you want a “piece of the pie”? OK, before you get started you’ll want to determine the types of marketing videos that you want to create. Keep in mind that you need a good balance of variety while still sticking to your […]

Facebook groups

Facebook Group

  One of the easiest ways to boost engagement, build a following and become a thought leader or influencer in your market is by creating a Facebook group. Why? A Facebook group serves as a communication channel between you and an ever-growing community of potential customers and joint venture partners. With a Facebook group, you’re able to take advantage of the heavy traffic that Facebook provides, and you’ll be able to connect with your audience who finds you just by entering in keywords relating to your niche. […]

How to Make Money From PLR Products

We have discussed affiliate products in detail and we have discussed digital products; both have considerable advantages for marketers looking to make money online. To recap, selling an information product gives you complete control over a product with excellent ROI and very low overheads. This is a flexible item that you can sell in a number of ways and it’s something that will be relatively simple to promote and sell. On the other hand, selling an affiliate product means selling a product someone else made and getting […]

How to Sell a Service Online

There are plenty of different ways to make a living marketing yourself online. Unfortunately, the majority of them involve complicated elements that might be off putting to someone who isn’t already familiar with the world of internet marketing. In this post then, we’ll look at something that should be a lot simpler to understand for many people: selling a service. The idea is very straightforward here: you simply find something you’re good at and that you can supply over the web and then advertise your services. It’s […]